Mouse pictureThis is too good -- this idea will change the world !!!

When you get those pre-approved letters in the mail for

everything from credit cards to 2nd mortgages and junk

like that, you know most of them come with

postage paid return envelopes, right?

Envelope Graphic

Well, why not get rid of some of your other junk mail

and put it in those cool little envelopes!

Send an ad for your local chimney cleaner to American

Express. Or a pizza coupon to Citibank.

If you didn't get anything else that day, then just

send them their application back! Just make sure your

name isn't on anything you send them. Heck, you

can send it back empty if you want just to keep 'em guessing!

Eventually, the banks, insurance companies and credit

card companies will begin getting all their crap back in the mail.

Let's let them know what it's like to get junk mail,

and best of all -- THEY'RE paying for it! Twice!

And it only costs you a little bit of time.

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